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Some of our Client’s words

  • The most interesting fact about COR is not only the order and the planing capability but also the visibility that gave us to generate new business opportunities internally. We have been able to automate our processes by becoming more efficient with our clients. Surely a breaking point for our future.

    Marcos Llerena
    Marcos Llerena CEO / Mandarina
  • The real time tracking and the efficiency increase in our functional teams in agencies like ours, can only be achieved by profitability increasing. COR is what every SAAS is looking for.

    David Read
    David Read Co-Founder / CPR Interactive
  • COR is taking the efficiency to a place where the time administration in one of the most valuable resources.

    Gail Yui
    Gail Yui Co-Founder / The Engineer and the Designer
  • COR gave us full company overview. This allowed us to see daily operations and also management & operations in the different offices we have around the world, all in one platform.

    Federico Ambrosetti
    Federico Ambrosetti General Director / Central CTL
  • Thanks to COR, we have full visibility!! There is no doubt this is a “WOW Company”

    Agustín Berro
    Agustín Berro General Manager / diPaola
  • With COR's implementation we realized our business real opportunities

    José Luis Frank
    José Luis Frank Director / Frank & Asociados