Accounting Firms

Manage your projects
and have a real-time
performance view

Assigning and remembering recurring tasks from month to month is tedious and confusing. Let COR automate your projects and frequent tasks. Designate a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, custom annual recurrence with a single click.


Caso de éxito

Balloon Group, agencia de marketing digital, fue nombrada como la empresa argentina de mayor crecimiento en su industria y COR fue un gran pilar en este camino.

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Keep track of worked time
on each task

Knowing the real cost of your projects is an essential key to your business. Assign tasks to your users and through the upload of worked hours, know precisely the time each task takes.
COR will then calculate that time cost based on the hour-value of each user. This will also enable you to give out better estimates your clients next time.

Create recurrent projects
and tasks

Assign projects and tasks you repetitively work on for your clients. Once created, determine repetition frequency and COR will be in charge of duplicating the task with the granted regularity.

Use reminders
and notifications

COR members can create custom reminders, obtaining a record inside the platform. In addition, receive notifications about all the activities that are developed in the tool. Keep your team informed of every task, project and modification you make.

Automated billing
and budgeting

Send estimates to your clients with a validation date and an accept or reject button. Create a frequent charge to invoice recurring services and record the payments made.


COR is the friendliest Project Management tool not only for its unique features, but also because it is integrated with your current business tools.

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